Acequia Aqui, Taos

The cover of Acequia Aqui, a 12-page booklet about the acequia system within the Taos Historic District.

Acequia Aqui

The Paseo Project is excited to present the publication of Acequia Aquí: The history and preservation of the Acequia Madre del Río Pueblo.

The booklet’s essay and series of maps illuminate the deteriorating acequia network at the heart of the town of Taos. Through community collaborations, The Paseo Project seeks to educate, illuminate and support this historic and culturally important public infrastructure. Through this exploration, the Paseo Project seeks to transform our community by celebrating the downtown acequia network through creative and artistic events and installations. With the help of this booklet, we hope that you will better understand the history and value the acequia system has provided to our community and imagine with us new ways that we can celebrate the gift of their presence.

This project was made possible by the LOR Foundation in the support of the Acquia Madre del Pueblo.

– The Paseo Project Team

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