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The Paseo Invites Taos Students Behind the Scenes of Outdoor Art Festival

A few of many participants in STEMarts@PASEO 2016

The Paseo Project will transform the Taos community with art on September 13 and 14, 2019. “The transformation,” director of the STEMarts@PASEO youth program Agnes Chavez states, “will be temporary on that weekend in Taos Historic District––but lasting in the minds and outlooks of hundreds of Taos students.”

Involving the youth and residents of Taos is central to the Paseo Project’s mission. For the sixth year, STEMarts@PASEO, an educational model developed by Chavez, takes Paseo’s experimental artists into Taos schools. In 2019, Chavez has paired seven artists with ten Taos public schools to involve over 1,000 youth of Taos in pre-festival activities. The program provides art and science teachers and their students with the STEMarts Curriculum Tool––an art-focused and socially engaged application of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)––and the empowering experience of being part of an international collaboration.

Meet Agnes Chavez, STEMarts Youth Program Director

Agnes Chavez is an interdisciplinary sci-artist and educator. She collaborates with artists, scientists, teachers and youth to create sensorial experiences that explore our relationship with art, science, technology and nature as a process and tool for personal and social change. Agnes is currently working on a commissioned art installation titled Fluidic Data at the CERN Data Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

Meet the artists of STEMarts@PASEO 2019

Waterlight Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau

Antonin Fourneau, Paris, France
Antonin bring his world-renowned installation, Waterlight Graffiti, to the streets of Taos for the PASEO 2019. Waterlight Graffiti uses a new kind of reactive material that allows viewers to draw or write ephemeral messages––light graffiti–– on a wall of LEDs with a basic environment-friendly atomizer.

For the Paseo youth program, Antonin will be visiting Taos Charter School to give students a behind-the-scenes look at how this installation is made and show them more examples of his innovative artworks. In preparation for the artist’s visit, students will practice Dishu, water street calligraphy, and do a lesson on conductivity and water, inspired by the artists work.


CLOUDNET by Andy Wagener

Andy Wagener, New York
Andy brings CLOUDNET to PASEO 2019. CLOUDNET is an ode to the vast fishing communities that have helped build and sustain Cadiz Bay (Spain) throughout its history. Using a wide variety of netting utilized in fishing, CLOUDNET is activated by the movement of the observer, as pulses of light energize the cloud from within. It also shares the stories and hardships of local fishermen today via recorded interviews, highlighting the devastating phenomenon of ‘ghost fishing’ where lost, dumped or abandoned fishing gear continues to ensnare fish and marine organisms.

For the PASEO youth program, Andy will be visiting Anansi Charter School to share his process for creating project installations around complex social and environmental issues. Students will create napkin sketches for their own eco-installation, applying the artist’s approach to raising awareness to environmental challenges.

Visual Audio by Thomas Vause and Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson and Thomas Vause/Digital Ant Media, Santa Fe, NM
This art co-op presents Visual Audio for PASEO 2019. It is an interactive audio-visual projection inviting the audience to create vector art using their voices. The visuals, controlled by the amplitude and tone of audio, take audience members on a unique and abstract visual journey of their voice.

For the Paseo youth program Alison and Thomas will travel to Questa and Penasco Middle Schools to perform their installation for the entire student bodies. They will also lead one artist demo at Taos International School. Students will explore the science of waves and the environmental and cultural battle for water preservation and water rights.

El Agave: Britney A. King and Jennifer Nev-Diaz

Britney A. King and Jennifer Nev-Diaz, Diné / Chippewa Cree, Albuquerque, NM
This female art duo presents El Agave, is an immersive interactive environment, for PASEO 2019. As participants walk through the space, their proximity, speed, and height will inform the programming language to create correlating visuals and audio. TÓ ÉÍ ÍÍNÁ

For the Paseo youth program, Britney and Jenn will lead a two-day ‘Water is Life Arduino and Microcontroller’ workshop with students from Peñasco Middle School. They will visit Taos Day School and Taos Middle School for one-hour demos to share their process and demonstrate how they create art experiences that explore the connection between culture, land, and the art of interaction.


So Many Of Us by Corwin Levi

Corwin Levi, Harrisville, NH
Corwin presents a video projection created from iterations of a hand-drawn, stop-motion animation titled So Many of Us. Each video loops indefinitely, speaking to our interconnectedness and the fragility of both the individual and the group.

For the Paseo youth program, Corwin will visit Taos Integrated School of the Arts (TISA) to share his techniques in creating projection installations from hand-drawn, stop-motion animation inspired by astronomy. Students will create their own animations showing connections to the sky.


hors-affichage, a game installation by Lothario Areski

Lothario Areski, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
The artist presents hors-affichage, a game installation that questions the way video games are traditionally displayed, for PASEO 2019. The gameplay of hors-affichage resides in the tension between the visible and the invisible, the reachable and the unreachable, forcing the player to enter a state of chase where he/she is constantly on the move and on the look-out for elements outside his/her field of view.

For the Paseo youth program, Lothario will present at Taos High School theatre to give a behind the scenes demo of the technology behind the hors-affichage installation. The artist will show a small prototype of the installation and explain how it works. Students will explore his work in advance to deepen the learning experience.


The Numinous Eye Arch by Ryon Gesink

Ryon Gesink, Oakland, CA
Gesink brings Numinous Eye Arch to PASEO 2019. It is a large steel archway with a giant spotlight eye at its apex and multiple fire elements that will light the pathway for festival goers.

For the Paseo youth program, Ryon will talk at Taos Cyber Magnet School. He will show examples of his large-scale fire installations and share his process and experiences. Students will try out STEAM activities related to the artist’s work in advance of their upcoming Robotics class to inspire creativity in their STEM learning.

Meet the STEMarts@PASEO team

Agnes Chavez, Youth Program Director
Shanti Duval, Paseo Project Coordinator
Estacia Huddleston, Program Design Assistant


Learn more about STEMarts@PASEO

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PASEO 2019 Visitor Guide

Paseo 2017. Silent Disco dancers on Taos Plaza.

The PASEO 2019 is just days away––September 13 and 14! For those of you coming from out of town, we’ve put together some hot tips to make it the best trip ever, including places to stay, and things to eat, drink, and do during your visit to Taos.

Study Up: To enhance your PASEO experience, learn about the 32 featured installations and familiarize yourself with the festival map in advance on our website.

Get Acclimated: The weather can be unpredictable in Northern New Mexico, and the PASEO will happen rain or shine. The air gets cool when the sun goes down, so wear layers and bring an umbrella. Be sure to drink plenty of water while you are here – Taos is at high altitude and has a dry climate.

Find Parking: Plenty of free parking is available in downtown Taos. Check out this map to scout your preferred public parking lot.

Check Out the Amazing Local Culture and Businesses: A visit to Taos is incomplete without visiting some of our incredible local businesses and sights, many of which are generous supporters of the PASEO and the arts in Taos.

We’ve broken it down into six easy categories for you: Entertainment, Food & Drink, Lodging, Retail, Art & Culture, and Services.

Twirl Play and Discovery Space entertains kids and gives parents a bit of space

Arroyo Seco Live: Seco Live showcases and promotes Arroyo Seco and the people who live there through creative live events, fundraising and promotion; they’re presenting the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Friday night at Revolt Gallery.
KNCE Radio: Tune in to KNCE 93.5FM and enjoy True Taos Radio, volunteer community radio coming to you live from the Taos mesa.
Taos Inn: Live music nightly. Experience Southwestern charm and history in this famous New Mexico inn located in the heart of the historic district of Taos.
Twirl Play and Discovery Space: Twirl is a non-profit play and discovery space that supports the growth and potential of children through inspirational, community-wide opportunities to gather, learn, create and play.

Patio dining at Lambert’s of Taos on Bent Street

KOKO Coffee/Deli/Carry-Out
Taos Bakes
The Lounge by Rolling Still Distillery
El Gamal
Chokolá Bean to Bar
The Gorge Bar & Grill

The Historic Taos Inn on Paseo Norte

Taos Inn: Experience Southwestern charm and history in this famous New Mexico inn located in the heart of the historic district of Taos.
Kachina Lodge
Casa Gallina
Best Rentals

Farmers Market occupys Taos Plaza every Saturday morning, May through October

John Dunn Shops: A beautiful pedestrian walkway with 20 creative, locally-owned shops and eateries between Taos Plaza and Bent Street.
Mattress Mary Taos Lifestyle: Taos Lifestyle Furnishings and Mattresses: Supporting the Arts in Taos, bringing community together with creativity, beauty & love.
Mudd N Flood, FX-18 Gifts and Jewelry, and La Chiripada Wine Shop
Shank, Hair Salon
Taos Farmers Market

Judy Chicago’s Birth Project is on exhibition at Harwood Museum til November 10 (Kathleen Brennan)

Taos Center for the Arts: With a 275-seat theater and two galleries, the TCA curates culturally relevant films, art exhibitions, and live performances as well as provides local, regional and internationally renowned artists, thinkers and performers the space to inspire creativity and foster a thriving love for the arts.
203 Fine Art
Taos Gallery Association
Studio 107B
The Harwood Museum of Art
Millicent Rogers Museum
Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo with visitors, summer 2018

US Bank: Bank smarter with U.S. Bank and browse personal and consumer banking services including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, student loans and more.
Taos Properties Real Estate Investments: A boutique real estate agency for independently minded buyers and sellers. Serving the Taos community for over 20 years with compassion, professionalism, and integrity. Stop in and say hi!
Heritage Trust Company of New Mexico: Heritage Trust is a state-chartered, locally-owned, independent trust company, devoted to families and their advisors since 1994.
TaosNet: Taos Net is a full-service internet provider serving northern New Mexico – Taos, Taos Ski Valley, Angel Fire, and Red River.
Beyond Wildflowers Landscaping
Kit Carson Electric Cooperative: A member-owned Electric Distribution Cooperative serving Taos, Colfax, and Rio Arriba Counties since 1944.

Taos County has countless sights and events – way more than we can cover in one email. Please visit the following sites for more information and recommendations: The official guide for visitors to Taos, NM. Navigate the cultural landscape of Northern New Mexico. Live Taos is your independent voice in Taos arts, entertainment, culture, current events, and more.