Paseo 2016

The PASEO 2016

The 21 installations were conceived and produced by 25 artists. Of those, seven were artists living in New Mexico, two were from within Taos County. Eight artists were international in origin—from Brazil, Colombia, Vienna and Spain. In addition, 13 local galleries and businesses sponsored Taos installations by Taos artists. All the Paseo artists were paid for their work, thanks to funding received from grants and contributions from individual supporters. (More on that below.)

Twelve artists presented pre-festival workshops in Taos middle and high schools through a program titled STEMartsLAB@ThePASEO which exposes students to cutting-edge technologies, science and art. Approximately 700 Taos youth from 13 schools participated in these workshops, many of whom also worked with their artist teacher on his/her festival installation. Another 1800 youth participated in Hands-on@ThePaseo maker activities.

This year, 150 volunteers helped pull off the multi-venue event. The Paseo planning team consisted of 7 staff members and an advisory board of 11 art experts. The Town of Taos contributed over $7000 in staff time and technical assets to the weekend events.

Taos Fall Arts Festival (TFAF), the nonprofit umbrella for the Paseo, hosted indoor art exhibits in two venues during the Paseo (185 Taos artists were included). Over 700 people were counted at opening weekend of TFAF’s prestigious Taos Select exhibition and 600 at the popular Taos Open exhibition.

The Paseo’s economic impact on Taos is yet to be measured in gross receipts and lodgers tax numbers, as they will not be available for several months. However, a poll of six downtown hotels showed a 100% occupancy rate in the historic district over the weekend indicating 1600 overnight visitors were within walking distance of the Paseo. Combining this data with walking traffic from day visitors, local residents and B & B guests, the Paseo team estimates between 6,000 and 8,000 people shared the Paseo experience—and the other art events occurring in Taos over the weekend. (These events were Taos Fall Arts exhibits, Old Taos Trade Fair, Taos Fall Arts and Crafts Fair and a number of gallery openings)

On-site surveys show that participants in The Paseo 2016 came from many cities and states: 59% were Taos County residents, 16% from other New Mexico communities, 5% from Colorado, 3% from both California and Ohio, and1% from both Oregon and Texas. The remaining came from other states.

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Listening Trees of Taos
Plants and trees are wired to “listening stations” in Taos Plaza allowing visitors to meditate on the sound of nature.

RAMONA ALTSCHUL, MySquare, Geneva Switzerland
Intelligent Dance Floor X
An interactive video dance installation which uses a 3d camera to capture the motion of the guest dancer. The audience will be invited to play with the light and the architecture of the Guadalupe Gym.

ARTS LAB @ UNM COLLECTIVE, Kel Cruz, Nate Gutierrez, Katie Redel, Albuquerque NM
Three Deep
An interactive three-plane video mapping installation that explores parallax and perspective.

Participatory performance with Taos cyclists generates music that interacts with the soundscape of the area via a special helmet pre-programmed with lights that cue bicycle bells of different pitches. This is a STEMarts Lab collaboration with Dreamtree Project and Roots and Wings. Students create LED bike decor and will participate in the bike performance.

BERT BENALLY, (invited artist), from Navajo Nation, living in New York NY
Sand Rays
A light interactive traditional sand painting by the artist who collaborated with Ai Weiwei, on an artwork titled Pull of the Moon, located in the desert of Arizona. This is a STEMarts Lab collaboration with Taos Pueblo Day School students assisting with the design and installation of the sand painting.

LEAH BEUCHLEY, raised in Penasco NM, lives in Los Angeles CA
Attic Windows
A generative quilt of light, inspired by complex natural systems designed and built by Anansi Charter school students, glows in response to touch. Leah is a STEMarts Lab participant.

Hacking new digital systems with obsolete analog technologies, the artist acheives spectacular large scale and interactive color fields on to a Taos building. This is a STEMarts Lab collaboration with Taos High School students manipulating and projecing digital glitch video using artist-made devices and tools.

LIONEL CRUET, born in Puerto Rico, lives in New York NY
Intangible Sites
An immersive audiovisual installation in a mobile container unit that displays images and sounds previously collected from the immigrant community in the area.

CIE. WILLI DORNER, a dance company (invited artist), Vienna, Austria
Bodies in Urban Space
A dance performance using members of the community, creating a moving trail through downtown Taos.

DOSSHAUS, Santa Monica CA
Phone Booth
A full-scale phone booth, sculpted entirely out of reclaimed cardboard and painted in black and white style that recalls vintage animation and performed with the artists wearing matching cardboard clothes. Viewers are invited to step inside and have a private moment within. A STEMarts Lab collaboration with Taos Academy has students Photo documenting festival with self-created found object pinhole cameras in the Dosshaus style.

ALEXANDRA GELIS, (invited artist) a Colombian-Venezuelan artist living in Toronto, Canada
A hybrid audio-visual vehicle/Raspao cart and moving sculpture serves up snow cones, capturing and playing back sounds and videos while moving through the streets of Taos. A STEMarts Lab collaboration with VISTA Grande students who will learn to hack and create video and sound for the performance.

Captured Atmosphere
An interactive light and fog environmenton to the Presbyterian Church that explores the boundaries of human perception. A STEMarts Lab collaboration with students will create kinetic, interactive light environments that explore light and space and the boundaries of human perception.

The Radio Confessional
Viewers enter an artist-crafted booth and speak their minds for local area broadcast via low-tech radio. A STEMarts Lab collaboration with kids will make low-tech illuminated signage to bring awareness to the broadcast frequency and TrueTaosKids producing scheduled programming.

Protest with Light
Protest art projected: Smashing the myths of the information industry to shine a light on the issues of our time. A STEMarts Lab collaboration with this political art collective and TISA will create student guerrilla projection interventions in the urban landscape.

Matter of Memory
This smart-phone application can make an audio recording tied to a specific location. When the user is about to record, they are asked, “Why is this place important to you?”

An interactive mobile exploration game that helps players walk, map and play, and prompts them to creatively document the interactive urban landscape of PASEO Taos.

FRANCOIS MONCAREY, MySquare, Geneva Switzerland
An immersive and interactive cosmic journey under a 36-foot dome installed in Kit Carson Park.

OMAi, Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz, Vienna, Austria
OMAi vs VJ Suave
A projection performance piece by two international art collaboratives moves through Taos on a custom-built projection tricycle. This will be part of Daytime@The Paseo as a Tagtool projection art workshop for professional artists

Car People
A live webcam captures the car culture of Taos and collaborates with the community to document attitudes about cars.

Silent Disco
Join your community in dance with DJ Oliver, DJ Crystalline and students from The BassMint! Listen to their music on wireless headphones. Colored lights indicate the channels listeners have chosen.

After-party performance of the NOMIS electronic music. A STEMarts Lab participant where students create wearable LED fashion for the festival.

JOERG STAEGER, from Germany, living in Taos NM
A four-channel sound and light installation on translucent screens create constantly changing encounters.

VJ SUAVE, Ygor Marotta, Brazil
OMAi vs VJ Suave
A projection performance piece by two international art collaboratives moves through Taos on a custom-built projection tricycle. This will be part of Daytime@The Paseo as a Tagtool projection art workshop for professional artists