Video mapping


Albuquerque, NM

A collective experience featuring: Iro No by Kel Cruz + CLRCHSR, Interactive work by Nate Gutierrez, Concept Flux, Untitled piece by Katie Redel

Synoposis: ThreeDeep is a three-plane video mapping installation exploring parallax and perspective. The large-format installation was developed as part of Iro No by Kel Cruz and CLRCHSR and extended through the invitation for other UNM art students to create experiences for the same set.

Bio: ARTS Lab seeks to support innovation and growth in areas such as film, new media, simulation, tele-health, game technology, image processing, scientific visualization, national security applications, and new markets for content. As a center for both technology and the arts, New Mexico provides a dynamic environment for programs that stimulate growth in creative economies. ARTS Lab finds opportunities to cultivate these assets by utilizing a trans-disciplinary approach, encouraging ongoing participation across the University of New Mexico campus as well as building on ties with industry, community, and other educational organizations.  We strive to enable community building in digital media in New Mexico and beyond.

Co-sponsoring organizations:

 College of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico

Location: Coldwell Banker on Paseo del Pueblo Norte and Civic Plaza Drive

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