Russell Bauer & Ayrton Chapman

Rotisserie Rickshaw

Interactive Installation

Russell Bauer & Ayrton Chapman

The Rotisserie Rickshaw is a specialized propane grill and sculptural research project. It harnesses the convection of hot air to turn a turbine that drives the spit, slowly rotating vegetables as they roast. Excess heat is dissipated through an array of Peltier modules (or thermoelectric generators) that provide electrical current to power a series of LEDs that illuminate the work. During events the Rotisserie Rickshaw roasts vegetables that are given freely to the audience while information about the systems and their functionality is shared. The rickshaw provides a jumping off point for complex conversations with complete strangers, as it is both an attempt to bridge the distance between people by sharing food as well as knowledge. No matter what age, any person can look at the rickshaw with a sense of wonder at the world and the laws and processes that shape it.

About the artist: Edible Carnival formed in 2015, the brainchild of Russell. Soon after Ayrton joined the team. They have produced three large works since then, “Livestock,” “Rotisserie Rickshaw” and the “Rolling Field” with many other projects in design or testing phases.

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