Interactive Disco Extravaganza


Taos, NM, USA


Join Twirl for an interactive disco extravaganza featuring music, light, dancing, bling, explorations, movement and magic!

Express your sparkle and catch the waves as you move your body and bend the light.

Splendiferous, luminiferous fun for the whole family!

More information coming soon!



What magic lies beneath our feet? Come explore the wUNDER of nature’s hidden connections with Twirl!

In 2019, as The Paseo turns its focus towards connections, Twirl will explore the connectedness of the natural world from the (under)ground up. What magic lies beneath our feet? What we perceive is only the tippy top of a vast network of invisible connections that create and support life, including our own. We will dig deep and discover the mystery of mycelium, the earth’s largest living thing, and the fungi that grow from it. Create, play and become a part of this complex and extraordinary system. Join your community in an awe-inspiring and artful expedition into the nature of connectivity, as the Twirl courtyard comes alive with wUNDER!

About the artist:

Twirl is a non-profit play and discovery space in Taos, NM. Our mission is to support the growth and potential of children in Taos through inspirational, community-wide opportunities to gather, learn, create and play. Our vision is a community that recognizes, celebrates and cultivates its greatest asset, its children.

Twirl provides opportunities for play, creativity and learning at our signature playspace facility and our workshop space Twirl Too, as well as through community collaborations and events, in-school and after-school programs, and partnerships with informal learning organizations.

Twirl has been involved in The Paseo festival for 5 years, with interactive community installations as well as creative educational programming for children and families in Taos.

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