Paseo Youth STEAM Program

The Paseo Youth STEAM program

The Paseo Project works with community partners to provide educational programming built around local and visiting PASEO artists. From in-school demos for young people to virtual online events, The Paseo Project’s education programs expose members of our community to 21st century skills, contemporary art practices, and exciting new ways to engage with the world.

Emil Polyak’s workshop focuses on the introduction of technology and design methods for creating interactive audiovisual experiences. Attendees will learn how to utilize their smartphone sensors as motion input devices to control sound effects and computer graphics remotely for participatory digital experiences.

Levi Bedall of Pneuhaus offers a workshop in understanding how design can benefit our everyday lives. This workshop introduces students to design & problem solving using natural inspiration. Offered to TISA students virtually.

Nicole Banowetz offers a workshop entitled “Sculpture from Micoscopic Science,” inspired by microscopic science imagery. Get up close and personal with bacteria, algae, viruses, pollen and other microbes.