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Dosshaus in Conversation

A DAYTIME@ThePASEO free event. Join us for a colorful discussion as Nancy Zastudil (curator, writer and art entrepreneur) leads a live interview with PASEO artists Zoey Taylor and David Connelly of Dosshaus. The three will talk about the appeal of vintage black and white animation, analog and digital visual culture, and the many “fashionable” uses of cardboard. Free.

Workshop: Pinhole camera art performance with Dosshaus

Artist: Dosshaus
School: Taos Academy
Teacher: Karin Moulton
Topic: Photo documenting festival with self created pinhole cameras in the DOSSHAUS style.
Workshop description: In this 2 day workshop students will create a pinhole camera from a cardboard matchbox and other recycled items. Students learn the basic scientific process of photography and engineering principles that will help students turn discarded “trash” into a working tool for self-expression. Students will be inspired to participate in the world around them by photo documenting the Paseo festival with their newly created pin hole cameras.
STEM Skills: Scientific principles of photography, engineering design and mathematics