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OMAI: Tagtool Mastery Workshop at TISA

Paseo artist collective and Tagtool founder, OMAI, will work with the 6th grade students from the Taos Integrated School of the Arts. These students have been working with Tagtool for the past two years and now they will have the opportunity to meet the artist/developers of this exciting projection tool and master their skills.

Projecting Particles Workshop

The Projecting Particles Collective visited the Taos Day School 5th and 6th grade classrooms to deliver a three day immersive workshop that combined particle physics, native science and projection art. Students explored the origins of the universe and created animated Petroglyph-Feynam Diagram Hybrids projected onto a tipi. Best student animations from the workshop will be projected on to the tipi at The PASEO festival through a live painting session curated by Tagtool founder, OMAI.

Through an inter-school collaboration, lead students from the Taos Integrated School of the Arts (TISA) that have participated in the core pilot program and served as assistants for the workshop at the Taos Day School to practice their leadership skills. Lakota cultural specialist, Steve Tamayo, led the indigenous instruction and will be a guest artist at the festival to lead a collective weaving of a dreamcatcher inside the tipi with audience participation. Students will be present at the installation site to assist and see the results of their work. Student work from a joint workshop at Native American Community Academy will also be projected.

Funded by the LANL Foundation in partnership with ATLAS@CERN,Quarknet, TISA and Santa Fe Opera.