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Workshop: Radio Confessional LED with Parker Jennings

Artist: Parker Jennings
School: Taos International School
Teacher: Roe Ziccarelli
Topic: Making lo-tec illuminated signage to bring awareness to the broadcast frequency and producing scheduled programming for the radio booth.
Workshop description: Students will learn the difference between amplitude, voltage, wattage and current, along with how to complete a basic electronic circuit and calculate resistance. LEDs are taped to batteries with a magnet on the back. This little “light bug” can be attached by itself or in a swarm to any ferromagnetic surface. This technique has many practical, functional and expandable possibilities. The most basic form is a method of activating the nighttime landscape in a whimsical and nondestructive way. This technology can be used to make small flashlights, nightlights or illuminated signs. Students will build several of these LED “light bugs” and assemble them to create illuminated signs.These signs will be used specifically to draw attention to the radio station that will be broadcasting from inside the Radio Confessional. For example, signs could read, “tune in to 93.7FM.
STEM Skills: Understand and complete a basic electrical circuit. Electricity principles; voltage, wattage, amplitude and current.calculate proper resistance needed for different colored LED bugs.