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Workshop: Music in the Mechanics of Computing with Ashcan Orchestra

Artist: Ashcan Orchestra
School: Dreamtree Project and Roots and Wings
Teachers: Catherine Hummel and Peg Bartlet
Topic: The fundamentals of computing and its applications in music
Workshop description: The interfaces and the basic theory of computing used in the composition to be performed that evening. The interfaces employ a magnetic sensor near the spoke of the bike, which convert the revolutions of the wheel into the tempo of a 630 note melody programmed with only 26 bits of mechanical memory. The melody is transmitted by a system of lights attached  to the bicycle to a group of cyclists riding behind playing bike bells. Exploring Boolean logic, binary numbers, and other basic computing concepts  and their relationship to certain fundamentals of music, participants will compose shorter pieces to be performed in the workshop.
STEM Skills: basic computation theory, physical computing design