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Totality of Being by Taos Youth Ballet

A performance for the youth of Taos.

A Modern Dance performance piece based on exploration of theoretical astrophysics. The performance attempts to visualize stellar dynamic, galaxy formation and evolution, and scientific concepts such as Emergence Theory and Chaos Theory. The performers will use fabric to demonstrate the dramatic paradox qualities of the universe while allowing the performer to demonstrate the fragile qualities of being an individual human. Audience participation elements create a fully interactive performance piece. Inspired though collaboration with Astrophysicist, Nicole Marie Lloyd-Ronning and Choreographer Amber Vasquez.

Youth Day in the Space Cloud

This event is for Taos middle school and high school students.

Participating classrooms from all of Taos County with close to 300 students will be transported to the Space Cloud for a sneak preview of the magnificent award winning pavilion designed by three young architects from Madrid Spain. Students will get to meet the designers along with other Paseo artists that have installations in the Space Cloud to talk and demo the science and technology behind the art. Students will be treated to a special interactive sci-art dance performance called Totality of Being by Taos Youth Ballet created in collaboration with LANL astrophysicist, Nicole Lloyd-Ronning.