Acequia Aqui, Taos

The cover of Acequia Aqui, a 12-page booklet about the acequia system within the Taos Historic District.

Acequia Aqui

The Paseo Project is excited to present the publication of Acequia Aquí: The history and preservation of the Acequia Madre del Río Pueblo.

Phase 1 of a multi-step project, the booklet’s essay and series of maps illuminate the deteriorating acequia network at the heart of the town of Taos. Through community collaborations, The Paseo Project seeks to educate, illuminate and support this historic and culturally important public infrastructure. Through this exploration, the Paseo Project seeks to transform our community by celebrating the downtown acequia network through creative and artistic events and installations. With the help of this booklet, we hope that you will better understand the history and value the acequia system has provided to our community and imagine with us new ways that we can celebrate the gift of their presence. This project was made possible by the LOR Foundation in the support of the Acquia Madre del Pueblo.

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Additional Reference Materials:
Acequia Aqui Map A (Acequia Madre Headgate)
Acequia Aqui Map B (Kit Carson Park)
Acequia Aqui Map D (TaosPlaza)
1944 Ralph Mayers Map

Available upon request: contact us here
Acequia Road Crossings (Google Maps Layer)
Taos Acequias (Google Maps Layer)

A call for creative ideas

Open to all artists, writers, environmentalists and water lovers. Submit your ideas on how to transform our community and share the historic and cultural traditions of the Acequia Madre del Rio Pueblo for generations to come.

For Phase II we are seeking:

  • New ways we can illuminate the existing acequia network
  • Ways to express the history and culture of acequias
  • Visualizations of the environmental impacts of water

Submission Guidelines:   

The PASEO 2019 Water/Culture call is seeking artists to bring visibility to Northern New Mexico’s water culture and issues. Working with artists we wish to create more inclusive and imaginative planning processes, while seeking to provide benefits to the community through artistic installations and designs and educational opportunities. We are seeking proposals for installations to creatively expand public knowledge and appreciation of the acequia networks downtown. Selected art activations will vary in media, scale and programming. The goal is to highlight the acequia network for the benefit of the local community and wider audience of visitors traversing the downtown. These installations will be featured at the PASEO 2019 festival, September 13th and 14th , with the opportunity for pre and post installation capacities. All these of the installations will be considered as an implementation for permanent installations.