Out of the Studio

Out of the Studio

Out of the Studio is a monthly column addressing key issues impacting our local artists. We’ll be collecting advice, tips and words of wisdom from Taos artists to generate a supportive, inclusive, and thriving arts community. 

Artist Statement, 2021. Original artwork by Johanna DeBiase. @paper.prankster


Writing about your own artwork is one of the most difficult tasks an artist can face. Putting your creative process into words is daunting…For many, this seems as foreign an effort as asking a writer to draw a picture of their work—I must thank Taos artist Sarah Hart for that wonderful analogy. Read article


Social Media

Facebook counts 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide; Instagram has over 1 billion. Social media is how we connect with the world, and for artists it’s a tool we either dive in to or run away from. But before you delete those apps, you might be interested in what I’ve learned in my conversations with artists around this month’s topic — namely, social media really is what YOU make of it. Read article