Antonin Fourneau

Waterlight Graffiti

Antonin Fourneau


Generously Sponsored by Tony Skvarla

STEMarts@PASEO workshop leader at Taos Charter School


Based on a idea as simple as bright, Waterlight Graffiti’s purpose is to be a new kind of reactive material to draw or write ephemeral messages made of light. This project enables anyone to graffiti the wall of LEDs with a basic environment-friendly atomizer. To use water, which has neither shape nor colour, to draw light, is a magical experience, regardless of the public age or its artistic sensibility. This opportunity finally becomes a new kind of interaction with urban architecture. By mixing a natural element and technology, Waterlight Graffiti’s users can even play with the weather or the evaporation speed for example. Water Light Graffiti also has a surprising role during rainy days and turn them into fireworks of damp LEDs.

About the artist: Antonin works on interactive art and popular culture. Since 2005 he develops a freak collaborative project about funfair named Eniarof. In 2012 he created the famous piece Waterlight Graffiti which received a lot of congratulations and still exhibited around the world today. During a residency in New Zealand in 2017 he develops a new project called Sonoscriptum : a sound sensitive wall.
He is currently professor in new media design EnsAD Paris.

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