Axle Contemporary


Axle Contemporary

Axle Contemporary presented a collaborative interactive artwork by internationally renowned video pioneers Steina and Woody Vasulka, mathematician Rob Shaw, and Axle Contemporary. Järmark was inspired by old-time Czech summer festivals of Woody’s youth, traveling fairs, booths, arcades, sideshows, and funhouse mirrors. Attendees participated with the installation as a video camera took pictures, distorted it via binary chaos, then projected it on the side of the Axle van. Participants danced, spun, and waved in this interactive photo booth and watched the machines change their reality.


Axle Contemporary was founded in 2010 by artists Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, as a collaborative work of art, and an innovative vehicle for arts distribution.  It has since grown beyond the confines of the mobile exhibition space, and also includes forays into book publishing, and alternative venues for expanded and creative art exhibition,