Immersive Art Experience


Taos, NM, USA

Recycled Rebellion is devoted to the support of trash based art transformations called “Trashformations” that are intended to change people’s perception about recycling and waste. An open call to other local artists and schools allowed the community to demonstrate it’s overwhelming desire to recycle and be a part of public art. Made from Rubber, Aluminum, Paper, Non-recyclable Plastics, Metal scrap and Fabrics among other recyclables, the installations transforms trash into surreal nature scenes and interactive pieces encouraging communication between strangers. Screens dispersed around the outdoor mall, show projections of transformations, including the documentation of the creation of some pieces. The overall intention of the project is not only to bring attention to a real need to reduce the amount of waste that we create and to recycle everything that we produce as a culture but to continue to make public art accessible and interactive.



Sarah Parker has lived in the area for the past 15 years. Previously, she wandered the world painting murals and participating in social justice inspired guerrilla theater. In Taos County, Parker worked as an independent radio producer, has focused on community based art projects and as an educator in the school system. Parker wants to enable people to share their art, their voices, their expression whether through audio, video, interactive events, or just by creating her own relief printing. Sara Basehart has been involved in the Taos art community since 1991. Evolving from a fine art painter into a recycled expressionist was a journey she took across The Mesa west of Taos and into the off grid earthship community. Basehart owns the downtown Taos recycled goods gallery Seconds and is the organizer of the Glam Trash Fashion Show, an annual recycled wearable art runway contest in Taos since 2001. She founded Recycled Rebellion to support free public recycled art events. Teaming up with art muse and unstoppable force Sarah Parker took it to a whole new level. Not only were they able to do larger art projects as a team, but the power it gave them was exponential, thus: Sara.h2, an artistic force to be reckoned with.

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