Welcome to the Zone (Glyphs Vols. I, II & III)

Audiovisual Hypermedia Experience

Creationization is Nicole Cobb & Mikey Holmes

Truchas, NM, USA

‘Welcome to the Zone’ is an audiovisual hypermedia experience featuring music and interactive projections, allowing participants to enter the unpredictable worlds of and Glyphs Vols. I, II & III.

Following 4 years of incubation in the mountains of northern New Mexico, the unpredictable sounds and images of are ready to start up and jam. ‘Welcome to the Zone’ is the living, interactive incarnation of an audio visual web experience and triple album of electronic music (Glyphs Vols. I, II & III). From textural ambient to dance floor jams, the sounds of the Zone alchemize with multidimensional projections to evoke a synesthetic connection between light and sound, transporting those who engage to a new realm crafted through abstraction and improvisation.

The ‘Welcome to the Zone’ experience includes synthesized paintings, video feedback, liquid light, photographs, drawings, animations, samples, synthesizers, drum machines, acoustic recordings, and a live interactive video feed, allowing participants to enter the Zone.


Creationization began when Nicole Cobb’s overhead projectors shone beams of liquid light upon Mikey Holmes’ keyboards & drum machines, creating a portal into a dimension of pure FM synthesis. Once their frequencies were fully modulated and their double fusion was complete, they fired up the 8-track and began recording magnetic artifacts of their experiences in this exotic realm known as the Zone.

Since 2017, Nicole & Mikey have ridden their keyboards into the Zone’s midsummer evening sunrises, searching for the songs of FM spirits & beaming them back to Earth through the process known as Creationization. Now they’ve unleashed the full collection of otherworldly recordings known as ‘Glyphs’ in the form of a quantum website:


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