DanceWorx – Directed by Amber Vasquez


Mixed Media Dance Performance

DanceWorx – Directed by Amber Vasquez

Taos, NM, USA

Nature moves with purpose. The earth spins, fire dances and water flows. Humans move spontaneously, responding to environmental influences. moving to music, moving in and out of the way. This dance piece explores the way human movement can emerge out of basic natural influences while simultaneously speaking on the human condition.

Emerge invites light, movement and music to create a story of life and its ever evolving experiences. The dancers will respond with a dance reaction to a projected video of natures movements. The dance will evoke a manifestation of flowers blooming, waves crashing or fire dancing. The dancers will transform into nature and nature will transform into dance. The dancers will use an elemental language of motion with the help of flowing fabric to imitate the natural transitions. And will also tell a story of how humans transition with emotions through our lives.

The first piece is called burn. This duet dance piece projects a blazing fire on the dancers. With the use of large silk fabric pieces, the dancers will not only interpret the literal fire through motion, but will also include the human conditions of desire, hope and aspiration.

The second piece is called bloom. In this set of three solos, blooming time-lapse flowers are projected onto the dancers. The dancers slowly transform into their full and final shape as the dance continues while also depicting the human journey for beauty and perfection. In Bloom, One’s full potential is a slow and endless journey.

The Third choreographed dance piece is called Become. The projections depict the ways in which things come into existence. The dancer will react to the projections with movement that illustrates undergoing change, development and the process of becoming.



Amber Vasquez –
An Albuquerque native, Amber was a professional modern dancer for 10 years.After moving to New York City to study at the Alvin Ailey School through the prestigious Fellowship program she held her career with internationally known modern dance companies such as Neo Labos Dance Theater, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and David Chavez. Amber founded Taos Youth Ballet (currently Taos Dance Academy) in 2005 and continued as director for 15 years. Ms. Vasquez created an integrative arts program for school children entitled “Dance and Learn”, teaching school standards through dance and music. Currently, Amber is director of DanceWorx a professional dance performance group based in Taos, New Mexico, and acts as the early childhood program coordinator for Twirl Play and Discovery space creating play-based STEAM programs that integrate dance, theater, and art. Amber has presented programs on arts-integrated learning all over the state and is an avid promoter of the arts in Taos. She is a founding board member of ArtSoul and is an active board member with The Paseo. Ms. Vasquez continues to be actively involved with the Taos Dance Academy and enjoys spending her free time skiing and exploring with her family.