Earthseed Black Arts Alliance


Multimedia and Multidimensional Installation and Performance

EarthSeed Black Arts Alliance

Nikesha Breeze, Stages of Tectonic Blackness
Rashad Pridgen (AKA Rashad Soul Nubian): Black Lives Masquerade
Tigre Mashaal-Lively with Axle Contemporary
DJ Raashan Ahmad

Santa Fe & Taos, NM, USA

This multimedia and multidimensional installation and performance will combine site-specific ritual action, mixed-media sculpture, film, and live DJ performance by the founding cohort of Earthseed Black Arts Alliance to create an immersive experience that spans the expanse of Black grief, celebration, healing, and transcendence.

International dancer and artist Rashad Pridgen (AKA Rashad Soul Nubian) will perform a live processional, restorative justice, and creative direct action intervention called the Black Lives Masquerade. The Black Lives Masquerade is an honoring garment that includes an estimated fifty images of black lives lost to racial injustice, police brutality, and gun violence. The intervention seeks to invoke healing, remembrance, elevation, awareness, and the eradication of police terror and racial injustice against black people and those of African Diaspora worldwide.

The installation will also present the world premiere of Nikesha Breeze’s newest film Stages of Tectonic Blackness: Santa Fe, filmed live during an 8-hour durational performance for Breeze’s acclaimed Four Sites of Return exhibition (Form&Concept Gallery, Spring 2021).

The performance and film debut will be set against a new immersive sculptural and soundscape installation created by Tigre Mashaal-Lively within the Axle Contemporary Mobile Art Space. Collaborating with the participants of Sista Circle Youth Camp, Mashaal-Lively will present an Afrofuturist sanctum that projects towards a future-focused on the wellbeing and thriving of Black women, girls, and femmes.

Finally, world-renowned hip-hop artist and DJ Raashan Ahmad will keep the vibes high with dance sets that celebrate Black joy and Afrofuturist visual projections by Nikesha Breeze.


We are Earthseed Black Arts Alliance New Mexico, a Black-led organization inspired by the science fiction of the great Octavia Butler. Earthseed focuses on centering and amplifying Black voices in Northern New Mexico as well as collaborating with Indigenous artists, artists of color and the city’s artist community as a whole. We believe artists are both at the forefront of change and are critical to the preservation of culture. We believe Black art has enormous healing potential and is a powerful tool for necessary communication, expression, and validation. Representation matters! and Black artists in New Mexico need to be represented and centered in the courageous conversations we are all having at the national level and at the micro level.