Erin Elder, guest curator

We are all Space in Time

Four site-responsive interactions

Erin Elder, guest curator

We are All Space in Time
New Mexico

The artist/curator: Erin Elder is an independent curator of contemporary art guided by interests in land use, experimental collaboration, and non-traditional modes of expression. Her research-driven projects take highly participatory forms, working with a broad definition of art to bring audiences into a direct experience of particular places.

The artwork:
We are All Space in Time is a collection of four site-responsive interactions, installations, and experiments that acknowledge the complexities of coexistence. Using technology to remix, surveille, map, and unearth, these projects investigate the contested spaces of extraction, ownership, history and the gaze.  Each newly commissioned artwork confronts or subverts the spectacle of a nighttime arts festival through creative strategies that assert the physical body and reference the surrounding landscape. Merging poetry, film, performance, and surveillance, this group of artworks explores the human experience of living together in space and time. The exhibition acknowledges the festival’s occurrence on the unceded and occupied lands of indigenous Ute, Pueblos, Diné and North Tiwa. Artists include:

  • No Grounds by Sarah Ashkin (Santa Fe, NM) is a lightly scripted, audience participatory performance about people’s relationship to property.
  • Private Party by Anaïs Duplan (Jacmel, Haiti) is a live film shoot that includes the audience and explores the friction between technology and intimacy.
  • Live Stream by Christine Howard Sandoval (Brooklyn, NY) is a live-streamed performance using surveillance technology to channel disappearing waterways in and around Taos.
  • CauseLines: Coherence/Interference by Winter Count (Turtle Island) (Ginger Dunnill, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Dylan McLaughlin) is an audience-generated sound performance based on video projection of the nearby Chevron Questa Mine Superfund site.

PASEO location: Civic Plaza Drive

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