Grupo Sangre de Cristo (teatro troupe)

Paseando el PASEO: La Troquita is OUR Stage

mobile installation

Grupo Sangre de Cristo (teatro troupe)

Collaboratively Produced by Las Pistoleras Instituto Cultural de Arte, El Chante Casa de Cultura and Puro Amor Productions

New Mexico, USA

Using the truck bed as a stage, actors will use picket signs as a backdrop to convey
messages. The signs were created to affect change, to protest and to share activist expression.
The actors will use grito, verse y canción to express the piece.

The intention of this locally produced mobile installation includes remembering through
memorialization of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement through expressive, historical and
contemporary activist cultural production. During this era, local community members actively
mobilized around social justice issues.

Spectators will receive a glimpse of Chicana/o life in northern New Mexico. Almost everyone
who grew up in rural northern New Mexico identifies with la troquita. These individuals will never forget riding in the mountains, fishing, hunting and cruising in the truck bed to town. In this installation, the cast yet again transforms the idea of how a bed of a troquita can be used to deliver messages and provoke thought. At each selected stop, we will feature the original grito, verse y canción by various Chicana/o authors. Look out for la troquita paseando the periphery
of the PASEO.