Jerry Wellman

what we are /what we could /BE MORE: Words of Becoming

Interactive Installation

Jerry Wellman

Santa Fe, New Mexico

what we are /what we could /BE MORE: Visiting participants will be involved in the activity of building their very own talisman. This is an exhibit on how art, universal values and activism can intersect. It’s the idea that art practice can have a different kind of vibrancy around it and can speak back. That art can be active rather than passive.

About the artist: I work in unusual formats that are at once accessible and thought provoking.
As an artist I have exhibited nationally and internationally. I have done many art actions and performances involving public participation to enhance or complete the art project.
My art has a vernacular feel, I seek to spark imagination and sense of wonder.
My word/talisman project, is inspired by sidewalk talisman makers in India, Morocco, and throughout the mediterranean, the 99 names or aspects of Allah, and the free association and accesibilty created by Fluxus artists. I suggest the notion that we all carry, to some degree, aspects and characteristics of a creative, uplifting and supportive nature. My installation work is image and language based , meant to review universal aspects of character, to combine viewpoint, virtues and image into a cohesive and useful structure; our most valuable resource lies within us as we reach out to each other.

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