Katie Osborne

Soundscape: The Audio Vortex

Interactive Installation

Katie Osborne


Music can evoke every single human emotion. This emotional response is almost universal. Music can also motivate you, create connections between people, allow you to express yourself, and even give you the “chills.” Humanity’s connection with music dates back to early civilizations. It is this connection that I intend to highlight in this year’s PASEO.
Essentially, my installation is a sculpture of a gigantic set of fully functional headphones. For me, they have a fantastical sense about them; a supersized object like something from Alice in Wonderland or James and the Giant Peach. It creates an interactive listening station and makes simply listening to a song a memorable and profound experience. This is part of what inspired the name of this piece: Soundscape: The Audio Vortex. It is a vortex in the way is pulls people in and allows them to escape for a bit through music.

About the artist: Personally, I have found that two of the most influential and meaningful parts of my life are found in art and music, and with this project I’ve been able to combine the two. Both have played a role in being some of the only things that have been able to keep me feeling grounded in life. Along with these two aspects, what has truly sparked and allowed my creativity to flourish was the decision to move to the small town of Taos to become a part of the art community three years ago. The inspiration that I have experienced in this place has taken my artistic nature to places that I could not have even imagined. Being a part of the PASEO is allowing me to use the inspiration I have gained from being here and share it with the community that made this possible for me.

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