Juanita J Lavadie, Elena G Arguello, Nacho Jaramillo

Cuentos Norte Nos Y En Vivo Quikdraw-Animation

Interactive Projection & Performance

Juanita J Lavadie, Elena G Arguello, Nacho Jaramillo

Taos, NM USA

A projected shadowbox animation with live Northern New Mexico storytellers and writers with accompanying music. Includes a Quikdraw prompt activities for attendees.


In Taos, NM, cuentos (stories) and dichos (sayings) nurtured inter-generational entertainment, communication, and ideology establishing a sense of local folklore and oral history. With 30 years of informal writing experience and sponsorship of writing groups in 2019, Elena participated in PASEO 2019 with a storytelling, poetry and spinning collaboration, titled Spinning with Water Wisdom.


Nacho Jaramillo, from Anton Chico in Northeastern New Mexico, was born to a family of sharecroppers. Inspired by his father’s skills, as a child he learned to draw and went on to study with Ray Drew and Paul Volkening at New Mexico Highlands University. Over 30 years, Nacho has had 10 solo exhibits at local galleries and at Highlands University, and over 20 group exhibits in Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque art galleries, including the 2018 Bless Me Ultima invitation at the National Hispanic Cultural Gallery.


Juanita’s Northern New Mexico family ties go back several generations. She studied graphics and fiber arts with community mentors and at New Mexico Highlands University. Oral history publications include Four Generations of Weaving, and Taos, A Topical History Anthology (UNM Press, 2014). Her textiles are in permanent museum collections. In September 2019, she organized a successful spinning and storyteller installation at PASEO.