Nadine Lollino & Trey Donovan

Light Folds

Multimedia Performance

Nadine Lollino, Trey Donovan, Kari Malen

Taos, NM USA

“Ineffable, hidden, brilliant scion, whose motion is whirring, you scattered the dark mist that lay before your eyes and, flapping your wings, you whirled about, and through this world, you brought pure light.” Orphic hymn The 22 folds to make one paper crane are 22 opportunities to pay attention, slow down, and experience the present moment. Each fold, an opportunity to shed light on feeling, thought, and action. Assembled into a dress of 1000 cranes or a single offering to a fellow human at a coffee shop. How do we participate in the change we wish for, what is the inner light that we share with others that promotes more lightness? I have spent the last couple of years designing and completing a 1000 crane dress. The dress form is a thrifted dress from Nevada City. The paper from a little art store in Santa Cruz CA, and a shop in the mall in Japantown, San Francisco, colors were chosen to emulate the Koi. I cut the paper into 4×4 squares, folded 1000 cranes, mod-podge them to strengthen the paper, and sewed them one by one onto the dress. The folding of 1000 cranes comes from the story of Sadako Sasaki, a child whose struggle to survive and inevitable death due to exposure to the atomic bombing in Hiroshima during World War II, asks us to hold peace and hope near our hearts and our actions. This dress was first conceived for a grant proposal for Tokyo 2020, a festival to accompany the 2020 Olympics. Although that festival did not happen, the hopes, the struggles, the presence learned and gained through the process of making this dress have been momentous. Accompanied by artist, cellist Trey Donovan, the dancer costumed in the 1000 crane dress, interweaves among flowing drapes of fabric, an environment lit by projected dance, color, and nature. The performance of dancer and musician will last 10-15 minutes, performed twice an hour. At the festival, there will be a table for the participants to choose a folded crane and write their answer to the question “What is the inner light that you share with the world?” They will take this crane through the installation of fabric and projected light and color, choosing a place to hang their crane and choose someone else’s crane that inspires them to take it home. I will also supply extra paper for those interested in learning how to fold their own crane. The audience can continue their participation before and after each performance. The music and projections will continue all evening.


Nadine Lollino has been creating and performing in the arts of dance, costume making, and video since 2002. She is currently working under her creation, MovementLab, and also co-founder of multi-media collective PosterchildArt. Her dance work revolves around authentic movement, the emotions, and story of a hero’s journey, symbiotically relating to the rhythms of life. Nadine has previously danced with Anatomical Dance Theater, Breakbone Dance Co., and the Humans, all Chicago-based companies. She has been presenting her own works since 2005, traveling nationally and internationally. Nadine also practices massage therapy and teaches yoga and TRE®. She has been developing a MovementLab class curriculum, and 3Bodies classes, combining various somatic practices with freeform expression for all communities to connect to the healing found in dance and music.

Trey Donovan brings together such diverse cultural elements as music/sound-art, language, dance, sculpture, structure, and technology to synthesize impressions of our place in the universe. His recent projects involve him in music and dance composition and improvisation and draw on influences from nature, culture, and experimental artistic discoveries.

Trey has studied, taught, and performed with a variety of butoh-based companies and teachers since 2001, in the SF Bay Area and Seattle.

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