MySquare: Francois Moncarey



MySquare: Francois Moncarey

Geneva, Switzerland

Synopsis: A curated selection of immersive, generative and interactive visualizations in a 36-foot dome.

A galactic ark in search of a new planet. Once passengers are installed inside the module, they will be transported through a universe of image and sound, stimulating their sensory systems on all levels; embarking on a completely immersive voyage. Guarantor of diversity, everyone is welcome aboard the ARK, provided they are curious and open to the cosmic journey that awaits them. The interior of the capsule is fitted with a 360 degree video projection system, surrounding the participants and creating the illusion of an immersive universe. Spatial-temporal distortions and visuals play with our perception of reality. The infinitely small resembles the infinitely large, time appears to accelerate, yet slow down.  Is this our reality? Does reality truly exist?

Bio: MySquare is a collective of artists and technicians linked by the same passion: creating unique experiences for the public and large audiences. Bringing together computer engineers, graphic designers, a choreographer and musician, the diversity of their skills allows for the creation of multidisciplinary pieces that touch every sense of the participants. We believe that technology and coding are an art form in itself, bridging the gap between these new and more traditional disciplines. Technology brings interactivity, which allows the public to have a role in the play. Aware of the negative aspects that new media can have in our now hyper-connected lives, we want to embrace these same mediums for an artistic purpose.

Location: Kit Carson Park

Generously sponsored by: Lumenscapes and Taos Land & Film Company; Dome Lounge sponsored by Wholly Rags

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