Nikki Gardner & Christopher Todd Lynch

Taos Weirs

Nikki Gardner & Christopher Todd Lynch

The Taos Weirs installation explores overlaid ecological communities. It integrates film projection from Eastern woodlands of a similar piece inspired by social geography and ecology, material from the landscape near Taos woven into a weir (a kind of fence) historically used for fishing, with the physical site outside the Guadalupe Gym. As a process piece, representative of ecological dynamics, visitors can add their “story” to the piece with extra material used to construct the weirs. With each addition, the piece evolves to reflect the ecology fostered by the site and the Paseo.

Christopher Todd Lynch – Weirs installation, September 2015, Taos
Nikki Gardner – film projection, 2015

Todd Lynch has a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Masters in Ecological Planning and Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design. Todd is certified in HealthCare Garden Design and in Community Herbalism. He served on the board of United Plant Savers; a national organization devoted to the conservation of rare, native medicinal plants.

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