Parker Jennings

Radio Confessional

Sound Installation

Parker Jennings

Santa Fe NM

Synopsis: The Radio Confessional is a stand-alone structure that is equipped with FM broadcast capabilities. Open to the public, the interior is wired with microphones that broadcast any and all live audio content to an open FM radio frequency. Viewers are free to let their voices, songs, poems, stories and noises be heard. The Radio Confessional provides a comfortable platform for unique and interactive collaboration with the under explored medium of radio. This piece opens the possibility of chance encounters with people listening in the area, whom may not otherwise be exposed to such raw forms of expression.

Bio: Parker went to school in Italy as an exchange student and studied classical techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture. He began experimenting with photography and printmaking. He was asked to do a solo photography show at the Galleria Cultural of Castellana and received a write up in La Gazetta Del Mezzogiorno. At the University of Hawaii, Parker was asked to design and paint two murals. He later designed and painted, alongside others, a mural the University of New Mexico. Parker began to explore technology and its role in art making. His installations were shown at the Arts Lab in Albuquerque. This led to an artist residency at the Black Market Goods gallery. He took a class with professor Lee Montgomery and was opened up to the potential of radio. Parker began creating pieces that utilized capabilities of radio. Parker’s radio pieces have been aired at the Baltimore Contemporary museum and his installations have been exhibited at the Center for Contemporary art in Santa Fe, NM.

Assistant: Micayla Duran

Location: Kit Carson Park on Paseo del Pueblo Norte

School: Taos International School. Janelle Farwell
Workshop: The Radio Confessional LED street art workshop. Students will light up the night with LED throwies. They’ll make lo-tec illuminated signage to bring awareness to the broadcast frequency.

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