Sabrina Barrios

How to Build a Portal to a Hidden Dimension

Sabrina Barrios

The relationship between the self and the collective consciousness, our perception of reality and the gaps in history–that indicate we know very little about the world around us–are recurrent subjects in my work. Manifested into 3D drawings (geometric structures), these subjects confront the viewer by allowing them to participate and create their paths within the work. They can choose to go left, right or turn back. Quantum mechanics investigates the possibility that the decisions not made in this universe happened in a parallel one, and my installations represent visually the exact moment these decisions are being made.

Sponsored by Bill Millar and Mark Speight

Brazilian, Sabrina Barrios finished her BFA in Graphic Design (UFSM, 2004) before relocating to London, São Paulo and Berlin. In 2009 she moved to New York to complete her MFA at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute (2012).Sabrina’s work has been included in The Fourth Bronx Museum Biennial (2017) in New York. The artist is currently in Rio de Janeiro, using art as an instrument for dialogue and political change.