Scott Froschauer

The Word on The Street


Scott Froschauer

Los Angeles, CA, USA

By utilizing the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative wording (Stop, Do Not Enter…) with positive affirmations, “The Word on the Street” seeks to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet.

The goals of this work are to surprise and delight viewers by giving them a positive and reassuring message in a place where they are used to seeing negativity and control. The work is designed to be possibly invisible to viewers, even furthering the delight of those who recognize it as out of the ordinary. The work also places a thought in the mind of the viewer that additional pieces might be “hidden” anywhere in their daily lives. In this way, the work aims to change how the viewer interacts with the world at large.

By the very nature of the materials, it is perfectly suited to long-term, outdoor installations.


A native of Chicago, Scott Froschauer has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1994. He has a degree in theoretical linguistics from Syracuse University and his background includes studies in art, engineering and business with extensive experience in fabrication, design, education and government. Scott’s work is first and foremost an exploration in communication. Incorporating playfulness with concepts of connection and empathy, he surprises his audience with new perspectives and unexpected juxtapositions of ideas, materials and symbols. In a culture of alienation, Scott creates work that exposes and counteracts contemporary tides of judgment and the compulsions used to avoid uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. He is compelled to push boundaries while exploring experiential and alternative narratives. Scott’s extensive exhibition history spans two decades, encompassing many forms including experimental printmaking, street art and large scale public sculptures. His public art includes large scale interactive installations at Burning Man in the Nevada desert. His gunpowder prints and silvered glass prints have been exhibited in multiple venues across California. Scott’s “The Word on The Street” series of re-contextualized street signs has been installed in public, private, and municipal spaces throughout the US and Canada. It has been seen on display at various galleries and museums including the Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

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