Yeseul Song & Hayeon Hwang

Mirages: Light Horizon

Participatory Light Installation

Yeseul Song & Hayeon Hwang

New York City, NY, USA

“Mirages: Light Horizon” is a participatory light installation that projects colorful interactive illusions onto the wall to create a playful and imaginative experience. You are invited to manipulate the poetic landscape made of light, with your body movements and gestures.

You will encounter a composition of colors covering a wide wall. When you approach the installation, the composition will sense your presence and will respond to your body movements. Your movements will be amplified to the spectators through the changing poetic landscape on the wall.

“Mirages: Light Horizon” is the next version of the duo’s award-winning work “Mirages: Light Experiments”, and is created for the PASEO PROJECT 2021 in Taos, New Mexico. Come immerse yourself in a playful and imaginative experience.