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Interactive Installation

Auras & Scripture
Vagrant Heart

Taos, NM

Vagrant Heart will create a hands-on experience mimicking the use of spray paint and the combination of light effects upon a 3D graffiti lettering sculpture.

Presented at PASEO will be an approximately 5′ tall spray paint can that emits fog when actuator is pressed, fog is illuminated simultaneously with ~4′ x 8′ lettering sculpture that reads “CREATE” in graffiti lettering style.

The intent of this installation is to provide a satisfying experience with a taboo medium being spray paint, that shines of a sculpture that spells out the word “CREATE”. In effort to give a simulation for anyone who is curious of the medium to have a positive experience.

Vagrant Heart aims to destigmatize and bring about a good vibe around aerosol art by demonstrating the passion we as a collective gallery have for street art and graffiti, the production of commissioned or permitted art of the sort. We aim to create an immersive experience that leaves the participant with a warm feeling towards alternative art and bring awareness to the medium with a creative and fun hands-on chance to interact with spray paint and graffiti art in a whole new way.

About the ArtistsVagrant Heart Gallery in Taos, NM. Street Art and Alternative Art collective. Since 2018 we have been promoting street art and Alternative Culture in Taos.  We are located at 216 Paseo del Canon E. in Taos, NM. 87571. With a 12000 sq ft warehouse and a huge lot, we offer public street art and gallery space. Often we have community events and utilize our gallery and outdoor space to its max potential.

Vagrant Heart is a street art gallery consisting of over 50 artists, the gallery is a multi-faceted space which includes original works, canvas prints, handmade installation pieces, public graffiti and a ‘street art alley’ that is open to the public. At Vagrant Heart we encourage artistic expression with aerosol as a medium and not a method of vandalism.

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