Our Sponsors

Thank you to PASEO Sponsors

Major Grantors

New Mexico Tourism Department
The PASEO is honored to be a New Mexico True event.

The Town of Taos
The Town’s mayor, council, public works department, police department, and events department all enable The PASEO to bring international artists to Taos – and thousands of visitors as well.

Taos County
Taos County Lodgers Tax funds help pay The PASEO artists and the expenses of creating their installations.

Tides Foundation
Building a world of shared prosperity and social justice, founded on equality and human rights, a sustainable environment, healthy individuals and communities, and quality education.

Centinel Bank of Taos
Supporting all of The PASEO Project’s banking needs.

Sponsors of Artists and Installations

Arjuna Capital
Silent Events
Lyn Bleiler
Andrea Szekeres
Field institute of Taos
Gearing up Bike Shop
Jeff Jackson
Paul Johnson & Jorge Farias
Larry Bell Studio
Museum of Outdoor Art
Happy Price
Tony Skvarla
Substance of Taos
Taos Cyclery
Turquoise Tours
Wholly Rags
Xynergy, the web developer for PaseoProject.org

STEMarts LAB @ The PASEO Sponsors

ACE Hardware
Donald J Barnett
Bill Millar & Mark Speight
Ursula and Barney Berkowitz
Jules and Georgia Epstein
John & Peggy Hamilton
Janet and John Mockovciak
Mary O’Donnell
Pattie Traynor
The Nina Fund
Taos Community Foundation
Taos Properties

Business Sponsors

3 Bean Studio
Brownrice Internet,
Taos web hosting company for PaseoProject.org
Bella’s Mexian Grill
BeyondTaos Art Calendar
Coldwell Banker Realty
Dimond Mortgage
El Meze Restaurant
Gutiz Restaurant
Heritage Trust Company of New Mexico
KOKO Coffee/Deli/Carry-Out
Los Rios River Runners
Martyrs Steakhouse
Orlando’s New Mexican Café
Randall’s Lumber
Lenny Foster

Gallery and Art Venue Sponsors

203 Fine Art
Non Objective Taos – abstract artists by invitation, paintings & sculpture. Also representing a large collection of mid-century works by the Taos Moderns.

Presenting a projected photo collection from Taos’s own Jenny Vincent’s photos collection

David Anthony Fine Arts
Classic and Contemporary Fine Art.  We represent local and world artists who meet high standards of skill, insight and quality.

Harwood Museum of Art  
Ethan Jackson’s gallery-wide floor projection invites viewers to wander through streams of moving light and find familiar landscapes.

John Dunn House Shops
We’ll be hosting a block party with live music, art, coffees, smoothies, food carts, and Glam Trash creations on display.

SOMOS, the Literary Society of Taos
On Civic Plaza Drive. Free books, used books, local authors’ books. Free wi-fi. Open 5-9pm Friday (free poetry reading at 7pm!), 10-5pm Saturday.

Twirl Play & Discovery Space
Motion Play, an exploration of movement and art through the creative potential of the pendulum. A collaborative art installation showcasing kids’ discoveries of moving science.

Friends of the Festival

Taos Fall Arts Festival
Our partner since inception, The PASEO connects the venues of this 40+ year old festival while kicking off the week long events.

Taos Center for the Arts (TCA)
Hosting our Daytime @ The PASEO events for 2016, The TCA’s Encore Gallery is also one of The PASEO’s information centers.

 Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership and Tap Room
Home to the pre and post parties for PASEO.

516 Arts
New Media New Mexico (NMNM)
Currents New Media Festival
Taos News

The Following Businesses Help to Host Our Visiting Artists

Casa Gallina
Cids Food Market
El Gamal
El Pueblo
Hampton Inn
Love Apple
Marcus Best – Guest House
Martyrs Steakhouse
Palacio de Marquesa
Sagebrush Inn
Taos Inn
Zero E Design

Community Sponsors

Ned Dougherty & Laura Brzozowski
Jo Fortier & Leon Modeste
Dr. Shelley S Gordon
Tizia O’Connor
Megan O’Reilly
Rosemarie Spera
Maureen A Tibbs
Marcia Winter
Liz Neely
Mary Burns

Kathleen s Culligan
Baxter Baxter
Kathleen Brennan
Roy J Dunlap
Ann E Drakeley
Diane C Eriksson
Melissa Haye-Cserhat
Elisabeth S Hein
William Hummel
Judith Lockwood
Margaret Nes
Paul O’Connor
Deborah Rael-Buckley
Richard Spera
Anne Staveley
Kristie Wang
Judith Kendall

Ria Burnett
Georgia R Gersh
Elizabeth M Gilbert
Leslie S Gray
Karen L Hoppes
Dale Jacobs
Sampson Lambie
Sarah C Norris
Ramona M Silkwood
Judith Buffaloe
Mariannah Amster