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Call for Water/Culture Proposals

Call for Artists to Illuminate Taos Acequias

The Paseo Project is seeking installation, performance and projection art proposals about water for September 2019 weekend outdoor art event

Photo of a Taos acequia by Dorie Hagler, from her Keeping Faith series,2003-2011

The PASEO 2019 Water/Culture call is seeking artists to bring visibility to Northern New Mexico’s water culture and issues. Working with artists The PASEO wishes to create more inclusive and imaginative planning processes, while seeking to provide benefits to the community through artistic installations and designs and educational opportunities. Having wrapped up their larger call for PASEO 2019, this new call seeks proposals for installations to creatively expand public knowledge and appreciation of the acequia networks downtown. Selected art activations will vary in media, scale and programming. The goal is to highlight the acequia network for the benefit of the local community and wider audience of visitors traversing the downtown.

These installations will be featured at the PASEO 2019 festival, September 13th and 14th, with the opportunity for pre and post installation capacities. All these of the installations will be considered as an implementation for permanent installations. The deadline for entries is midnight May 25, 2019 and the application can be found at www.paseoproject.org/call-for-artists.

The PASEO is a festival dedicated to bringing the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of Taos, New Mexico. This two-day outdoor event, set in the high desert of Taos, New Mexico, is in its sixth year, and scheduled for Friday and Saturday evening, September 13rd and 14th, 2019. The PASEO seeks work that is immersive, participatory, and/or will make a dynamic impact within the Taos Historic District during this evening festival, scheduled to start at sunset and runs to 11pm.

For 2019 The Paseo Project is excited to enter the second phase of Acequia Aqui, in which they will build on the lessons and information gathered in phase 1 of the project to implement artistic projects that illuminate, celebrate, and educate the public about the historic downtown acequia network. Maps, essays, and Phase 1 materials of Acequia Aqui can be found at https://paseoproject.org/acequia-aqui/.

Local acequia and cultural leaders have become increasingly aware of and engaged in the water issues facing Taos. There is tremendous opportunity to utilize arts and culture strategies to advance sustainable, integrated, and inclusive management of our community’s water resources. As creative thinkers and doers, artists can be powerful partners to water leaders seeking to reimagine traditional approaches to water planning and management, and connect with communities in new ways.

This open call will close on May 25, 2019. Entry is free. All submitting artists will be contacted by May 2019. This project is generously sponsored by the LOR Foundation.

Booklet launch: Acequia Aqui––Mapping the Acequia Madre

The Paseo Project is excited to present the publication of Acequia Aquí: The History and Preservation of the Acequia Madre del Río Pueblo.

The Acequia Aqui booklet was prepared over the past 10 months and is 12 pages of maps, history, visual guide to local laws, acequia vocabulario, and an essay by Sylvia Rodriguez. All together they illuminate the value of our deteriorating acequia network located at the heart of the town of Taos.

Through this exploration, the Paseo Project seeks to transform our community by celebrating the downtown acequia network through creative and artistic events and installations. J. Matthew Thomas, Director and Project Lead for the publication of this booklet states, “With the help of this booklet, we hope that our community will better understand the history and value the acequia system has provided to our town and imagine with us new ways that we can celebrate the gift of their presence.”

This project was made possible by the LOR Foundation in the support of the Acequia Madre del Rio Pueblo. The booklet was in collaboration with the Acequia Madre del Rio Pueblo, Sylvia Rodriguez, Dorie Hagler, The Mildred Tolbert Family Archive, and a number of acequia supporters.

These booklets will be distributed at the booklet launch, with donations being accepted to support the Acequias. A midday lunch is being planned, with community guests to speak. The entire community is invited to this free, family friendly event.

Founded in 2007, The LOR Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to helping rural communities in the Intermountain West thrive. LOR partners with rural communities to help them realize their vision for a better future by supporting and investing in local solutions that enhance quality of life. www.lorfoundation.org.

The Paseo Project transforms community with art and art with community. Since 2014, the organization has hosted an annual free fall outdoor art event as well as other community events and collaborations throughout the year that bring projection, installation and performance art to the streets of Taos. www.paseoproject.org.

Photograph by Dorie Hagler, part of her Keeping Faith series, 2003-2011.