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Roundtable: Can STEAM Empower Youth and Community?

A DAYTIME@ThePaseo free event. STEMartsLAB founder, Agnes Chavez, and Andrea Polli collaborate on the statewide  STEAMNM initiative. Together they present a roundtable with PASEO 2016 artists Bert Benally and Alexandra Gelis, centered on STEAM education and social practice, integrating social engagement and inviting collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutions in the creation of participatory art. Both Paseo workshop artists share their experiences working with youth and the Taos community. Check out the Youth Program Line-up.

Pictured: Agnes Chavez (right) with Paseo team member, Liz Neely discussing Agnes’s work for Art+Tea blog.

Workshop: Sand Rays with Bert Benally

Artist: Bert Benally
School: Taos Pueblo Day School
Teacher: Claireen Espinoza
Topic: A light interactive traditional sand painting by the artist who collaborated with Ai Weiwei, on an artwork titled Pull of the Moon (see video), located in the desert of Arizona. Students assist with the design and installation of the sand painting.
Workshop description: In this one day workshop students will create an interactive sand painting with motion-sensored LED light patterns using an Arduino.   Project will be based on Diné sand paintings using the concept of harmony as the foundation for students who will generate contemporary images to use in the painting. The sand painting will cover LED rope lights, which will be programmed to make different patterns through the use of a sensor and an arduino unit. The light patterns will be triggered when it detects peoples walking via the motion sensor. The LED light patterns will shine thru the sand and give a unique effect to the contemporary images painted on the sand. They will learn to use Arduino circuits to incorporate interactive LED lights which will respond to movement. Students will assist to install the sand painting for the festival. There will be an option for audience participants to sand paint their own images on the sand as it complies with the concept of harmony.
STEM Skills: Engineering design, circuits, computers, and software coding.