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Art, Engagement and Public Space special focus block

A DAYTIME@ThePaseo free event. PASEO co-director Matt Thomas introduces installations and visiting artists that address art in the realm of public space and new ways to engage with where we live with special focus on the works of Julie Libersat, Willi Dorner, a dance company, and Hector Leiva.

Artist Julie Libersat will give a guided exploration of, ROAM: Walking, Mapping, and Play, within the streets of the Historic District. Willi Dorner, a dance company’s bodies and urban spaces daytime performance will be followed by a participatory demo and workshop utilizing contact and partnering exercises with Amber Vasquez and the Taos Youth Ballet recreating a performance stop along the artist’s route. Ongoing: Hector Leiva explains his work, The Matter of Memory, which investigates the relationship between memory and place.

Pictured: Hector Leiva with Matter of Memory smartphone app

Workshop: The Matter of Memory with Hector Leiva

Artist: Hector Leiva
School: Questa Junior/Senior High School
Teacher: Erica Zito/ Claire Coté, LEAP, coordinator
Topic: Interactive urban exploration and place-based, public memory archive app for smart phones. Students use the app to create and listen to GPS-tethered memories within the interactive urban landscape of the PASEO and the downtown Taos area.
Workshop description: In this multi-phase workshop, students learn about the creation of and use “The Matter of Memory,” an artist created iPhone Application that explores the relationship between memory and place. The app allows users to make an audio recording tied to a specific location. When the user is about to record, they are presented with the question, “Why is this place important to you?” Once the recording is uploaded, users within 100 feet of the place where it was recorded are able to listen to it. In the workshop, students learn about GPS and App technology and explore questions of how memories are created and affected by time and space. They will first use the app in and around their own community. Then students will use “The Matter of Memory” as they explore the PASEO festival, using the app to record their own memories and experiences and perhaps even guide others through the festival and the downtown Taos area via “Memory Footprints.” Students’ audio recorded memories will be available to the public via the parameters of the app.
STEM Skills: GPS technologies, communication systems, memory, information technologies and instrumentation applied