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Making Material Interactions a lecture by Leah Buechley

A DAYTIME@ThePaseo free event titled Making Material Interactions. This  lecture by Leah Buechley, designer, engineer, educator discusses fabrics that glow and change shape, pop-up books that sing, and wallpaper that knows how warm your house is–this talk will discuss a series of projects that explore relationships between design, craft, and technology.

Workshop: Attic Windows with Leah Buechley

Artist: Leah Beuchley
School: Anansi Charter School
Teacher: Kaila Dickey
Topic: Collaboratively constructed quilt of light. Electronic art on paper.
Workshop description: In this one day workshop students from Anansi Charter School will design and build a collaboratively constructed quilt of light. Each colorful paper square will glow in response to touch. Left alone, the piece’s illumination will gradually evolve, each square responding to how bright or dim its neighbors are in a pattern inspired by complex natural systems like bee hives and ant hills. Participants will first learn how to create a simple circuit, using paper, LEDs, batteries and copper tape. They will be introduced to the basics of circuit design and electronic theory. Participants will then each create their own square, crafting its circuit as well as decoration. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of embedded computing and a demonstration of how students’ individual creations can be controlled with an Arduino (a small stand-alone computer). Students install the final piece at Paseo and guiding festival participants to interact with the piece.
STEM Skills: Circuit design, electronic theory, generative design, systems thinking.