Tag: The Illuminator

Workshop: Protest with Light with The Illuminator

Artist: The Illuminator
School: TISA
Teacher: Megan Bowers Avina
Topic: Using light projections as a means of political expression, environmental transformation, and public discourse.
Workshop description: This two-day workshop will introduce students to the art of large-scale projection mapping in public space. They will learn about the Occupy Wall Street movement from which The Illuminator emerged, analyze several projection interventions that The Illuminator has executed over the years, and ultimately craft a small, grassroots political campaign strategy about an issue that matters to them. Students will create images relating to their campaigns that will be projected on the walls of Taos for all to see.
STEM Skills: Projection mapping, photoshop, symbology, rapid-response meme generation, video, real-time performance with the public.