About Youth Program

About STEMarts@Paseo youth program

The STEMarts@The PASEO Youth Program provides educational programming for our youth built around The PASEO festival and its visiting artists.  We bring local, national and international artists into the schools and we bring students to the festival for engaging STEAM experiences such as classroom workshops, online curriculum tools, artist talks or internship opportunities.

Our Youth Program allows students to collaborate with festival artists exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in their art making process. Students learn valuable STEAM skills through creative expression, social practice and collaboration. We believe that the challenge and potential of STEAM education is for all students to have access to the latest technologies and 21st century thinking, especially in rural areas with limited access. The PASEO is the perfect platform for local students and teachers to use these tools to play, explore and imagine a better world.

For more information contact: Agnes Chavez, Education Program Director or Shanti Duval, Education Project Coordinator


STEMarts@PASEO Youth Program builds experiences – workshops, internships and interactions – with PASEO festival’s visiting artists. Artists go into the schools and we bring students to the festival for engaging STEAM experiences. See the PASEO 2018 educational programs in the STEMarts calendar.

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Youth Day in the Space Cloud welcomes participating classrooms from all of Taos County schools, over 300 students, to a sneak preview of the magnificent award-winning pavilion designed by three young architects from Madrid Spain. Students will have a before-the-crowds look at PASEO installations.

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STEMarts@PASEO Curriculum Tool takes teachers behind the scenes of The PASEO festival. The curriculum tool shares examples of PASEO artists’ work, highlighting the science and technology behind their art and is free to anyone to access and try out the STEAM activities.

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