Amber Vasquez & The Taos Youth Ballet


Amber Vasquez & The Taos Youth Ballet

Taos, NM

Generously sponsored by Erika Zetty

How can anyone define human connection? The dance installation from DanceWorx will explore the cultural framework that shapes People’s need for physical, spiritual and emotional connection as well as the disconnection and rejection that comes along with human relationships. Starting from basic human biology and delving into social pressure, personal Identity and even the conflicted influences of technology. The dancers will literally lead the viewer through an ever evolving story using choreography that has been designed to exist specifically in The Paseo festival boundaries.

About the artist:  Amber Vasquez has been dancing and choreographing for 24 years. She has had the pleasure of dancing professionally with modern dance companies such as Neo Labos Dance Theater, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and David Chavez. She is director of DanceWorx, a creative dance company based in Taos, New Mexico, and is the founder of the Academy of Performing Arts in Taos. Ms. Vasquez is an arts educator and advocate who works constantly to remove barriers for school children to participate and create in the performing arts. Ms. Vasquez has been teaching integrative arts in the Taos school systems for 13 years, using performing arts as a primary pathway to learning traditional subjects which simultaneously increases a general understanding of a subject while fostering an appreciation for the performing arts.

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