Christina Sporrong

The Heron

Interactive Installation

Christina Sporrong
projections courtesy Dason Culver, aerials courtesy Wise Fool NM

Taos, NM via Stockholm, Sweden

The Heron is a 24Ft tall kinetic sculpture that comes to life with aerial performers and projection art, acting as a performance playground and a towering beacon to gather around.

The Heron is a graceful moving crane-like sculpture whose head and beak move up and down slowly, evoking the motion of a tall water bird. During the Paseo, the Heron will be activated by dynamic aerial performers, climbing, hanging and stilting on the sculpture. The structure will also be illuminated by light projections by Paseo artist Dason Culver, with fractalized images featuring themes of globalization, industry, nature and climate. It is a sculpture of the Anthropocene, mimicking nature and modern technology, bringing together dance, movement and video projection to create a visual cacophony that cuts through the static of our everyday surroundings.


Christina Sporrong is a multi-disciplinary artist and metal sculptor based in Taos, NM. She builds large scale sculpture incorporating movement, fire and performance which seeks to provoke a reaction or interaction. Her sculptures exhibit at various festivals and art spaces across the US as well as and internationally, including Burning Man, Maker Faire, Meow Wolf, Voodoo Festival, and the Glastonbury Festival, UK.
Words that sum up the intentions of her work include relevance, interactivity, curiosity and awe.


PASEO 2019:
The installation Mitt Uthus exposes our current moment through the lens of digital media culture and contemporary news. Carefully curated sociopolitical memes and digital screens cover the interior walls of an outhouse, inviting an exploration into contemporary viral media and the power wielded by these iconic visual sound bites of our culture.

2015: TaranTula
The resident spider of the South West…

With her eight perforated and illuminated legs hovering above the audience, stalking her way across the desert plain. Possibly menacing yet beautiful, TaranTula casts long shadows below, showing off her intricate designs on the ground. Tall and animated she is a beacon at any event.

Sponsored by Jorge Farias and Paul Johnson

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