Christina Sporrong

Mitt Uthus

Interactive Installation

Christina Sporrong


The installation Mitt Uthus exposes our current moment through the lens of digital media culture and contemporary news. Carefully curated sociopolitical memes and digital screens cover the interior walls of an outhouse, inviting an exploration into contemporary viral media and the power wielded by these iconic visual sound bites of our culture.

About the artist: Sporrong spent much of her youth in Sweden, where outhouses are a common feature in the rural countryside. Her earliest sense of the world came through the images plastered within her grandparents’ outhouse, and she came to understood the world based on those images. She has recreated that house, without an actual toilet, including only images and technology of the present time. This juxtaposition of image, technology and vernacular architecture creates an immersive experience of global human impact, familiar and yet disturbing. To consider new possibilities one must understand the present and past.

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