Colton White


Interactive Performance

Colton White

Dallas, TX

This is a 3-hour durational performance piece that calls for interaction with patron(s) on their own terms. “We” involves myself standing in one location, my body in the round, wearing a glittery outfit, a plexi-mirror mask and my arms reaching out for someone to grab ahold. I am reaching out for someone to create contact with me, and if they choose to do so, our hands will unite and they will face themselves as they look upon my mirrored head. The mask completely blinds my vision, removing the idea of judgment based on sight, but heightens my senses to create a relationship based on listening and touching. This is not about becoming one as a whole, but as a comfort for another. I am there to remind the patron that they can love themselves with the illusion of holding hands with “oneself”. The patron(s) are there for me by ending my feeling of abandonment by physically giving me comfort. Each interaction is different and unique, just like the moments of interacting with a stranger, not just forcing an action but to feel energy or a bond. The patron has the power to choose how long they want interact or when to abandon me, for I am not allowed to let go. An idea of this piece is to always love without judgment, for even when you feel abandoned someone will be your mirror. This is interaction is mostly lead by the patron due to the comfort level of the individual and how much they would want to interact with me/themselves. The performance itself begins when I am escorted in by my caretaker/assistant while I am already wearing the mask. Stand on the pedestal and interact for 3 hours, and then escorted away from the site.

About the artist: Colton White is a new media artist and performance artist whose work explores themes of relationship, sexual frustration, queerness and “Glamour” through installations, videos, photography and performance. Born and raised in the DFW Metroplex of Texas, White received their BFA from the University of North Texas in 2016. They currently reside and work out of Dallas, Texas. Their work is confessional, not only for White but for the viewer as well; it is meant to allow someone else to experience their own realization, re-experience emotions, and understand more about themselves. Interested in creating reality from fantasy, using their body as a portal. By taking inspiration from everyday actions, this helps create a universal idea that seems familiar to the viewer. Believing that by using the self in the process they are breaking down the barrier and coming out of hiding into a place of vulnerability, inviting the viewer to participate. Creating a brief moment where interaction allows everyone to become a performer.

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