Ana Herruzo, Julieta Gil and Jaine Sanchez

Captured Atmospheres

Interactive light installation

Ana Herruzo, Julieta Gil and Jaine Sanchez

Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: An interactive environment that explores light, reflections, materials, space and the boundaries of human perception. The piece captures elements of light and fog and contains them  with the intention of revealing their physicality. The sculptural environment is composed of materials that react to light and mist in different ways.

Ana Herruzo-Pierce is a designer and programmer working at the intersection of art, technology and architecture. Her focus is on the combination of lighting, audio and video with spaces and dynamic structures

Designer and architect Jaine Sanchez, finds bridges between speculative scenarios and the physical prototype. Creating environments, objects, and stories that take into consideration present environmental conditions, future design systems, and the human experience.

Julieta Gil is a Mexican artist based in Los Angeles, Julieta uses 3D modeling and animation, installation, sculpture, and print to explore themes of simulation, architecture and domesticity. Her work incorporates both generic and iconic elements.

Location: Presbyterian Church

Exclusively Sponsored by Paul Johnson and Jorge Farias

STEMartsLAB@ThePASEO artist (Ana Herruzo)
Students of Taos Charter School, Nat Evans and Katie Woodall teachers
Creation of Real-time generative animations by analyzing music and sound. Students will perform a live audio-visual show, using midi-controllers to drive the animations.

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