Joerg Staeger


The Paseo Project 2016

Joerg Staeger

Munich, Germany/Taos NM

Synopsis: An audio-visual outdoor installation using 2 channels moving images / 4 channels audio. Moving from the surface, layer by layer, to the depth of the inherent world. Encounter. Every encounter implies a process of becoming and each becoming can not come about without meeting.

On two opposite positioned translucent surfaces on each circular, constantly changing structures are projected. The images are based on physical simulation of lacerating surfaces. If the tension gets too high, the surface is torn and new layers are revealed. The 4 channel sound installation literally give each screen its own voice. The light of the projection travels thru the translucent screens to merge on the floor. Here the encounter and the becoming is continuously happening.

Bio: Joerg Staeger (b. 1956) lives and works in Munich, Germany and USA. Studies of graphic design, photography, painting and exhibition architecture in Stockholm and Berlin. 1990 he founded the studio for motion graphics SHIFT MOVING IMAGES together with Stefan Wimmer. His conceptual artwork is shown in space installations, music theater projects, dance projects and other kind of performances as well as short films, photography and experimental work with moving images. The exchange and collaboration with other artists, architects, designers, theater makers, scientists and philosophers, especially the collaboration with musicians, composers and sound artists, plays an increasingly important role in the elaboration of ideas and implementation of those.

Location: Plaza Alley between Noisy Water and McCarthy Plaza

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