OMAi (Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz)

VJ Suave vs OMAi

Roving projection


Vienna, Austria

Synopsis: A site-specific projection art performance, mixing digital graffiti and live painting techniques with frame-by-frame animations. The artists create animated artworks live on architectural canvasses, projected from a custom built projection tricycle moving through the streets. Poetic visual narratives travel open spaces, illuminating the walls on a large scale. With the video manipulated in real time, the artists bring itinerant art to all audiences to create unique moments between the people and their surroundings. This project is a collaboration between Brazilian media art duo VJ Suave.

Bio: OMAi is a digital art collective and creative software company based in Vienna, Austria. They stand for a new, spontaneous and collaborative approach to digital creation. By combining artistic sensibilities with cutting edge technology, they bring a fresh wave of visual communication to streets, stages and homes.

Exclusive sponsors: MOA – Museum of Outdoor Art

Location: Mobile

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