VJ Suave (Igor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga)

VJ Suave vs OMAi

Roving projection
The Paseo Project 2016

VJ Suave

São Paulo, Brazil

Synopsis: A site-specific projection art performance, mixing digital graffiti and live painting techniques with frame-by-frame animations. The artists create animated artworks live on architectural canvasses, projected from a custom built projection tricycle moving through the streets. Poetic visual narratives travel open spaces, illuminating the walls on a large scale. With the video manipulated in real time, the artists bring itinerant art to all audiences to create unique moments between the people and their surroundings. This project is in collaboration with Austrian arts company OMAi, creators of the Tagtool app.

Bio: VJ Suave is a new media art duo formed by Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga, based in São Paulo. As specialists in moving projections they work with traditional animation projected into the city. They create animated characters that run and fly through the urban landscape mixing animated stories with real life. VJ Suave have participated in cinema and music festivals at Russia, Germany, Luxembourg and Slovakia, they were also invited by Apple to participate in the video “Apps We Can’t Live Without.”

Exclusive sponsors: MOA – Museum of Outdoor Art

Location: Mobile

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